Proposal Coordinator

Company Name:
Technical and Management Resources, Inc.
The Proposal Coordinator establish consistency and provide administrative support during the proposal development process while working closely with management.
The Proposal Coordinator's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
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Develop proposal templates and ensure proposal components follow TMR's branding and proposal format guidelines.
Maintain boilerplate folders and documents, including the ability to differentiate between boilerplate and customized language.
Coordination of delivery with FedEx and carrier pickups, labels, and shipment tracking.
Assist or lead compliance checklists, outlines, cross-references matrices, dictionaries, and schedules; provides support for storyboards; meeting the requirements, schedule, compliance, and quality
Assist proposal team in preparation of meaningful text and graphics.
Identify and help resolve major writing and production problems.
Maintain proposal database tracking proposal volume, win/loss rates, and competitive information for use by management. Organize, create, and facilitate briefings and templates for all meetings associated with proposal and capture activities.
Perform research and data mining for reuse material applicable to current proposal submission.
Provide administrative, coordination, and communications support to the proposal team to ensure smooth conduct of the proposal effort.
Work with proposal professionals and specialists - writers, editors, publisher, and graphics artists - to ensure seamless integration within the overall proposal effort.
Create and administer proposal-specific SharePoint websites and shared drives and maintain a library of Business Development documentation on AAST and TMR
Participate in proposal process best practices development to be implemented company-wide.
Utilize CRM and other BD tools
Write, edit, proof, as needed.
BS Degree with 3-5 years of experience as proposal coordinator or 7-8 years without a degree
Ability to read, understand and extract critical and strategic information from government RFI's and RFP's; strategically develop proposal action plan(s) from the RFI and/or RFP and disseminate to all involved staff; effectively communicate the RFI and RFP's core ingredients to TMR staff; coordinate multiple proposal responses simultaneously; function as part of the team
Desktop publishing skills preferred
Able to lead meetings and provide presentations to internal staff, customers and partners
Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office and SharePoint, GoToMeeting, CRM
Shipley Certification highly desired or other formal proposal training

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